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Who We Are

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Michael Wohlfarth

Amazingly energetic and introspective, Michael Wohlfarth has been expertly treating clients for over 17 years with his special blend of Shiatsu Shin Tai. Michael has integrated intuitive health counseling, Zen meditation, Silva mind methods, and shamanic healing into his healing practice. 

Michael began studying Asian healing arts in 1996 and opened a practice in traditional Shiatsu in 1999. He added cross cultural shamanic healing work to the practice in 2015.

Professional achievements include:

* Instructor of ISS Shin Tai

* Graduate of the Ohashi Institute

* Certified Reiki Master

* Cross-cultural Shamanic Practitioner

* State of Maryland Certified Massage Therapist (MO 1289)

* Approved National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Continuing Education provider #450423-07

"I believe that the most important tool a practitioner can use, beyond skills and training, is the intent from the heart to be present to clients with kindness, pure intention, and a commitment to the client's healing path." - Michael

Team Talk

Visiting Professionals

The Center provides a home for local licensed bodywork, energy work, psychotherapy, and other professionals under the direction of Michael Wohlfarth. Visiting professionals rotate throughout the Center.

For additional information on our course offerings or to talk with a member of our staff, please feel free to contact us.

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