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Your path to well being

For Clients

Mindful Shiatsu Center offers two types of treatments:

Shiatsu Shin Tai treatment that addresses your body's subtle energy memory system to heal the accumulated energetic effects of stress, trauma, and other conditions.

Using acupressure, structural correction, fascia release, joint articulation, and meridian balancing most patients report they feel better physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually after only a few treatments.

Shamanic healing treatment focuses on your personal energy and restoring wholeness to your soul, either through removing the negative energy that is weighing you down or by finding and returning lost energy. 

Using ancient techniques to identify illnesses that manifest physically but may have spiritual underpinnings, and in concert with conventional medicine and other integrative therapies, patients report  feeling more harmonious, physically healthy, and emotionally centered after only a few treatments.  

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