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Shamanic Healing

What is shamanic healing?

"Shamanic healing practices help us reconnect to the earth and to our own inner nature because they are founded on disinhibiting the immune system, and exhilarating the body’s ability to heal itself so that we can return to our natural state of wellness and being. In so doing, we discover that we are not walking the world alone, but are fully supported by an inexhaustible resource – spiritually, energetically, emotionally." - Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

Shamanic energy medicine is an ancient practice of spiritual healing dating back over thirty thousand years. Shamanism is not a formal system of beliefs or ideologies. It is a grouping of actions and experiences, shared by practitioners around the world in every culture, that focuses on the direction of energy for healing and wholeness of one's soul.   

Shamans are practitioners who have gained knowledge enabling them to serve the community in ways that practitioners of other healing disciplines may not. You may know them as the Native American Medicine Man, Japanese Man of Hara, South American Paqou, European Druids, or the Hawaiian Kahuna.

Today, the study of shamanism is a life path. A shaman is someone who has mastered the ability to journey into non-ordinary states of consciousness to obtain information to help people heal their spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies. This is what makes a shaman different from other types of practitioners. Shamans are able to translate energy information from alternate states of consciousness into usable treatment.  

The practice and consultation of shamans is not contradictory to any religious ideology as the practitioner is in direct relation to their personal higher spirit, obtained from their life experience. Shamanic healing has coexisted alongside organized religions and civilizations throughout history. There is significant documentation and academic research on its approaches and benefits, as well as, on the general practice of shamanism.  

Benefits of shamanic healing

In cultures that are accustomed to shamanic healing, the practice is a normal part of a multidisciplinary approach to wellness. When health or life challenges do not show improvement through other approaches, many have found relief through shamanic healing which addresses many different conditions and illnesses. Shamanic healers work with your soul and energy. They help to remove negative life conditions due to trauma, DNA issues, life imprints, and challenges that no longer may server you. People in need of shamanic healing may have chronic unresolved pain, suffer from repetitive negative life choices and decisions, constant feelings of sadness, anxiety, anger and the feeling of just being stuck in life, as well as, unresolved addiction challenges.

The shamanic consultation

Your issues are unique to you and therefore, your consultation is customized. First the practitioner will work with you to diagnose the seen and unseen energies that may be at the root of your problems. The shaman will then choose the proper healing ceremonies to improve your life quality and assist you on your journey toward wellness. The shaman works with your personal energy and focuses on restoring wholeness to your soul, either through removing the negative energy that is weighing you down (no longer serves you) or by finding and returning lost energy (recovering your essence).

Shamanic healing can also extend to your environment. Through clearing and extraction of negative energies in your home, harmony may be restored to you and your family in your living space.   

Types of healing ceremonies 

Through consultation, the shaman may perform one or more of the following ceremonies:

•   Soul retrieval (recovering your soul's essence)
•   Luminous light body clearing (soul body)                          
•   Life imprints and blockage removal
•   Energy extraction
•   Spiritual  divination/Long distance healing
•   Home clearing and extraction 

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