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Our Courses

Mindful Shiatsu Center provides an integrated course catalog of learning with hands-on practice, diagnostic assessment, and self-reflection. We provide professional continuing education in the field of bodywork, addressing theory and techniques in Shiatsu Shin Tai, Life Force Recovery, and related subjects. Combining Shiatsu Shin Tai with Eastern philosophy, our teachers emphasize the strategies and processes involved in improving your client results, from fibromyalgia to low-back pain.

Course descriptions are below. See Schedule page for dates and times and Register page to register and pay for the course.

Introduction to Shiatsu Shin Tai

This workshop is the first step in a student's development of treatment and understanding of the governing vessel (GV) meridian or core of the human body and mind. The spine, meninges and cerebral spinal fluid are intimately connected with the GV function and called the primary information system. The quality of flow essential information helps manifest the continual growth and health of the Body/Mind. Flexibility of the spine and free flow of the GV are essential for well being and productive living.

Topics include:

* Central Channel Memory & Meninges Release

* Diagnosis of Body Resonance

* Techniques for Spinal & Shoulder Mobility

* Passive Thoracic & Lumbar Vertebrae Correction

Pelvic Structure Correction

The health of the pelvic structure affects most other systems of the body. This training includes pelvic assessment and structural palpation skills, as well as, safe, passive pelvic corrections. Pelvic misalignment is associated with back, neck, and shoulder pain; hormone imbalance, reproductive problems, hip pain, fatigue, and posture problems. Pelvic structural palpation skills and correction can be integrated into any healing modality and also is useful for clients who are pregnant, to increase physical preparation for childbirth.

Topics include:

* Postural Evaluation & Hip Clearing / Knee Joint Reset

* High Ilium & Hip Torsion Corrections

* Passive SI Joint Corrections

* Evaluation While Walking

* Passive Psoas Release / Pubic Bone Correction

Structural Release & The Central Channel System

Topics Include:

  • Introduction to the Central Channel

  • Structural Correction & the Cranial Sutures

  • Past & Future Memory Displacements

  • Freeing the primary information through spinal mobility

  • Atlas/Axis Release

  • Short Leg Correction

Evaluation & Treatment of the Lumbar & Scarum Region

The sacrum & lumbar regions are one of the most important areas of the human body. Through evolution, the sacrum and the atlas of the cervical spine have very similar linear and non linear movement. They are vital to perception and quality movement in life. Unrestricted movement of the sacrum and lumbar areas are essential to healthy and productive living. Restriction can greatly contribute to lumbar & pelvis pain, posture issues, leg pain, knee pain, foot pain and can altar movement of the meninges and cranium. Participants will learn assessment, energetic theory and fascia neuro muscular release techniques. Training will also include zone connecting energy points from the sacrum area to the thoracic spine. The techniques are passive and safe to integrate into any healing practice.

Topics include:

  • Sacrum rotation corrections

  • Sacrum torsion corrections

  • Assessment and palpation skills

  • Sacrum & lumbar zone releases

Conception Vessel & the Hara

~~Hara (abdominal)/ Conception Vessel treatment offers one of the most effective tools for the practitioner. The Conception vessel is a main energy directing meridian and  the hara is the energy reservoir for the CV function  and regulates energy to all the regular acupuncture meridians.  This course goes into in depth study, evaluation and treatment of the hara, conception vessel and pelvis as well as the Masunaga  Kyo/Jitsu organ energy assessment and treatment. Many common ailments such as constipation, hormone flow, hip pain fatigue, high blood pressure, reproduction and emotional issues can be addressed with the art of deep hara treatment. Students will learn to use their energy center (Hara) during treatment to increase deeper results and to avoid practitioner fatigue. This class will be instructed in traditional form on futon mats and treatment tables as well.

Topics include:

  • Traditional hara evaluation

  • Hara treatment for circulation

  • Hara treatment for the digestive system

  • Connection of the hara, connection vessel and primary information

  • Connection of the hara, hip joints & mobility

  • Freeing the Atlas & Axis Vertebra ( Vision of the Future)

  • Specific corrections of hip misalignments

Governing Vessel & Spinal Mobility

This course features specific treatment and evaluation of the governing vessel meridian. You will learn to improve the body's most important energy flow by creating spinal mobility and alignment. The GV directs the process of development in the womb and continues to coordinate physical, emotional, and mental development after birth. The spine, meninges and cerebral spinal fluid are intimately connected to the GV Function. The quality of movement of the GV Function produces proper flow of the primary information to manifest continual heath And growth of the Body/Mind/Spirit.

Topics include:

  • Evaluation of the Governing Vessel & Resonance

  • Evaluation of Spinal alignment, correction and mobility

  • General release of the central channel (Path of the GV)

  • Freeing the primary information through spinal mobility

  • Shoulder joint and scapula mobility

  • Freeing the atlas & axis vertebras

"The most exceptional feature of the GV & CV is that they regulate the flow of energy in all the regular meridians."
- Shizuto Masunaga

Bodyworker Consultation Group

For professional bodyworkers who have taken at least one course at the Mindful Shiatsu Center and who want additional, hands-on, client-focused consultation, the Center offers a monthly, drop-in consultation group. Bodyworkers can bring questions about Shiatsu Shin Tai techniques and their application to specific client problems. By prior arrangement bodyworkers can treat their clients at the Center for live consultation and supervision by the Center Director, Michael Wohlfarth.

Advanced Courses

For students with training and experience in basic Shiatsu Shin Tai theory and technique, the Center offers advanced coursework to further refine the bodyworker's skills and knowledge.

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